Late Night Theology, Episode 4: Christmas & Curse Words


We have a “Parental Advisory” sticker on the episode graphic. We have included a trigger warning in the description on YouTube, you have no excuse to gasp in shock and awe. In this episode, Logan and Tom talk about the season of Advent and what it means to them, they also talk about an usual Advent devotional entitled “#F***ThisSh*t,” and they also exchange interesting coffeeshop stories. Listen if you dare!

The Secret of Christmas by Steve Brown

Two Santas: Law & Gospel by Sarah Taras

Martin Luther Yelling About Inferior Anglican Hymns

#F*ckThisSh*t: A Response to the Advent Devotional

#F*ckThisSh*t Medium Page

To Convey A Visceral Gospel, We Must Sometimes Use Visceral Language

Recommendations for the PG-Minded Fan//
Good News of Great Joy by John Piper

The Dawning of Indestructible Joy by John Piper

It is HIStory! by Alistair Begg

T. Austin-Sparks


Author: RevLoganDixon

25. Male. Simul Justus et Peccator. Ordained Minister. Libertarian. Musician. Thinker. Dreamer. Coffee-drinker.

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